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ScoreSense, a One Technologies brand, offers monthly subscriptions to all 3 credit bureau scores and reports. My task was to oversee UX, UI and content for the ScoreSense product, subscription enrollment paths and all digital marketing efforts. Through user testing, data and extensive multi-variant testing, my team constantly pursued higher customer engagement and increased conversion rate.

Over an 18 month period I lead a complete redesign of the enrollment flow which increased the overall conversion rate by more than an 40%. We created an increase in revenue per sale from $115 per customer to $124. Also, a double digit increase in open rates to emails and an increase win back strategy of moving lapsed customers back into the product through marketing email.

Finally, we implemented a design system for all branding by migrating all design efforts to Sketch and fully integrating with InVision and InVision DSM.

My role: Senior Director, User Experience

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