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ScoreSense Enrollment Case Study


Project Objective

ScoreSense, a One Technologies brand, offers monthly subscriptions to all 3 credit bureau scores and reports. The project ask was a complete redesign of the entire enrollment path for all traffic coming from paid search and our diverse affiliate program customers. Prior to my engagement, One Technologies had not been able to significantly changed the  design or improve conversion rate in four years.


Original Design

The previous design was outdated, ineffective and conversion rate was consistently decreasing. I was brought on with the goal of improving the enrollment funnel in all three areas.

Competitive Review

I executed a seven brand review of competitor and near competitor enrollment paths. The evaluation focused two core drivers - landing pages and form flow of the enrollment process. Each of those was evaluated for content, page features, marketing messaging and presentation of the available product offerings. I ranked each element in relation to our existing landing page and flow in order to establish wireframe structure, brand presentation for prototypes and design as well as a test plan.



I developed low-fidelity Invision whiteboard layouts and wireframes in order to give my design team generalized placement of features and content for initial landing page design exploration. I also provided creative direction for my digital content writer to develop new content for those layouts.


Design Explorations

Here my team explored a range of landing page design alternatives in order to present to our customers in the form on online preference testing, first click tests and five second tests to narrow down options for usability test sessions.

Usability Testing

After narrowing down options and more iterative design processes, my team developed a full enrollment flow prototype in preparation for usability testing. We ran 60 minute moderated tests with 12 users with the objective of evaluating our new proposed experience against the current live path. The test was a huge success in testing landing page layout and greater depth of content as well as form functionality, revised form field order and methods for removing friction for our customers.

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 5.55.20 PM.png

Given previous years of testing failures and inability to make wholesale changes to the experience, we implemented a multi-tiered A/B test strategy. Rather than testing the entry point of the flow that would affect all traffic, we started at the billing page and worked outward - as we had historically lost  90% of users by the last page of the funnel, we believed would affect results more positively in this manner. After we established conversion wins and significant design improvements on those set of tests, we began inserting design and content components up through the form flow and ultimately the landing page. Conversion rate increase was the ultimate indicator for taking a test winner and moving to the next. After more than a year of incremental UI improvements, we completed the final design.

A/B Testing


Final Design + Result

From initiation of the redesign project to completion was approximately 20 months. We ended up with a complete redesign of the entire enrollment experience, a look that totally transformed the brand and results that improved the business.

Final Result

The net result of the project saw a 40% net increase to overall conversion rate.



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