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ScoreSense Product Case Study


Project Objective

ScoreSense, a One Technologies brand, offers monthly subscriptions to all 3 credit bureau scores and reports. As part of an evolution of the Credit Reports experience which created a side-by-side comparison view, my team ideated an extension of that project to better convey insights around credit activity. It is legally prohibited to modify reports data, so, a reimagined credit insights page and total redesign of the product landing page was presented to the product team. 

The core problem we face, was that users struggled in knowing where to start with the improvement of their credit scores. Thru a process including research, wire framing, design exploration and user testing, we delivered an experience intended to increase engagement of the content of the landing page the Credit Insights page and ultimately to the Reports page – providing a dashboard experience that provided a snap shot of the exact factor(s) most impacting their credit scores.


Original Design

The previous design was highly focused on scores with minimal information around some of the factors affecting scores, however, the landing page did nothing to deliver any valuable insights as to how an issue in their report was affecting their overall credit rating. The landing page was also cluttered with ineffective third-party offers.

Design Inspiration

I had my team snap shot applications and products of either direct competitors or may mirror dashboard experiences that lead users to a more detailed views of summarized data. We captured more than 25 brand experiences that could provide inspiration towards how we solve specific problems for our users.

I then narrowed the approach to a subset of direct competitors with the goal of exceeding those experiences to create the goal standard for ScoreSense to provide the best for our customers.



Low-fidelity wireframes became the catalyst for ideation of features, functional elements, graph styles and content. We collaborated with product and development to increase the understanding of tying visible credit report data, historical data and of the user known data to evolve flows that fit all users as well as targeted content and articles based on credit factors and and personal account insights.


Design Explorations

Here my team explored a range of landing page and insight page design alternatives in order to user test variations of features, colors, graphs and modules to get us to the best alternative to usability test a prototype against the current experience.

User Testing

Our first testing first included online preference, five second and click tests with groups of 50 participants per test to determine a number of factors around design variations. Clear winners emerged that lead us to a complete prototype that we took into 60 minute usability test with eight existing customers. We allowed customers to experience the Landing page, Credit Insights page and the side-by-side Reports page of both the current and prototyped experiences. All eight users strongly preferred the new approach. Feedback was minimal in terms of things the new design could have done better. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 10.26.57 AM.png

Final Design + Result

From initiation of the project to handoff of assets to development for build was approximately 10 months. The actual full rollout from a dev perspective took another two years. In large part due to the strengent methodology of rolling components out at a time to ensure no major interruptions to the business.

Final Result

  • The ScoreSense landing page saw a 44% increase in engagement to the page level content versus the previous page

  • Revenue per subscription increased by more than $2 per subscriber



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